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Gary S. Lynch, CEO and Founder of The Risk Project, LLC—a next-generation risk analysis, research and consulting firm—has authored business management books on risk:  “The Uncertainty Advantage: Leadership Lessons for Turning Risk Outside-In,” Archway, 2017; “Single Point of Failure: The Ten Essential Laws of Supply Chain Risk Management,” Wiley, 2009; and  “At Your Own Risk: Creating a Risk-Conscious Culture to Meet the Challenge of Business Change,” Wiley, 2008. 

At Your Own Risk

"… Lynch draws on his vast experiences in operations, supply chain, and information technology risk management to provide a well-balanced, practical guide to contemporary risk assessment and management. Excellent vignettes, illustrations, and case studies complement the chapters."

Value chains. They define how your business is changing today due to globalization, technological advances, competition, outsourcing, and reliance on global interdependency. They also spell out how effectively your company identifies and manages risks—such as product failures, environmental disasters, intellectual property theft, paralyzing snowstorms, pandemic fears, skills shortages, reckless lending policies, terrorism, identity and technological theft, industrial espionage, and new technology exploits—that challenge your organization's resiliency.

Whether in the boardroom, manufacturing floor or cyber-space, rapid change without a value-aligned and well-defined process for managing risks and establishing a risk-conscious culture is a recipe for disaster. How can your organization manage risk in this new environment? We offer practical advice and customized solutions to ensure that you are prepared to overcome or prevent risks resulting from inevitable changes and global events.


    Design a value aligned risk management program that consists of five steps to successful execution.


    As part of the value-aligned risk management program the TRP Diagnostic provides a system to assess the five critical components of an effective program in relation to four critical actions.


    The assessment and design of specialized risk management programs.

At Your Own Risk
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Single Point of Failure
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SIngle Point of Failuure

"Single Point of Failure is a must-read book for all executives who are navigating today’s risk-rich space that requires them to predict, measure, manage, and tame uncertainty in real time. Lynch offers a unique blend of risk management business theory, macroeconomics considerations, and real-life, vividly described examples, creating unique learning moments and providing thought-provoking insights that, if applied, could ultimately create the difference between planned success or inadvertent failure."—F. Nader, Director, President & CEO NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Market volatility; corruption; unfair trade practices; environmental issues; and a relentless stream of geopolitical, natural, and man-made events challenge today’s supply chain management leaders constantly. As such, these industry professionals are increasingly recognizing and valuing the rewards of resilience in their networks. However, a lack of effective guidance and inadequate information on how to quantify resilience make it difficult for supply chain managers to take a logical, data-driven approach to making resilience investment decisions.


    Strategy through execution, design and implement a supply chain risk program that is aligned with what matters most to the business.


    Supplier assessment through surveys and on-site evaluations. Process for analyzing, filtering, and scoring supplier responses. Reporting process for risk mitigation activities. Validation and improvement of supplier risk management systems.


    Having a resilient supply chain has proven to be a critical business enabler, often the difference between market success and business failure. As resiliency has become mainstream so to have investment options. However, a lack of guidance and inadequate information on how to quantify resilience, can make it difficult for leaders to take a logical, data-driven approach when making supply chain resilience investment decisions.

Uncertainty Advantage

"Exceptional coverage, a fresh look at the "risk universe." Author has applied his years of experience to uncover the latest trends. By nature, risk cannot be managed. However, uncertainty can be navigated, not passively but as a means for creating market advantage. The book provides numerous real-life examples of how visionary leaders have accomplished so much using this method intuitively, mostly based on the author's own experiences working with many organizations over several years. ..."—M. Thomsett, via

Leaders navigate uncertainty, managers manage risk. A market driven strategy for navigating uncertainty will change the way you think about risk and uncertainty. A must for both growth leaders and business managers, discover how to navigate uncertainty to gain market advantage.

Discover how industry executives were able to look beyond financial performance and envision the opportunity by better understanding uncertainty. Instead of a broad swipe at risk they focused on the speed of decision making and a situation. With change as the trigger and tangible growth as objective, the manager’s competencies and capabilities aligned with the leader’s goal of creating value.

This results in a leadership “pull”, rather than a management “push”. The reward is greater speed of execution and leverage of risk and methods, programs, processes, and technologies. Not based on theory the work is the culmination of a decade of research, application and interaction with dozens of companies, growth leaders and observed successes all with a common theme: there is greater value in uncertainty than in traditional risk management. The reward is greater speed of execution and leverage of risk and methods, programs, processes, and technologies.


    Design and implement a market driven strategy for navigating uncertainty that begins with a “situation” (defined a change, expected outcomes, decisions, uncertainty).


    Design and implement a leader-driven strategy for uncovering market advantage.


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Uncertanity Advantage
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